• President Li was elected president of the Producer Services Federation 2019-12-10
    Warm congratulations to the company's chairman Li Yongxian on his election as the chairman of the county productive service industry federation!
  • 2016 Chinese New Year 2019-12-10
    Li Yongxian, Chairman of Wanna Shenhe Group Co., Ltd. led all the staff to wish everyone a Happy New Year and happiness!
  • New year 2016 2019-12-10
    Wanna Shenhe Holding Group Co., Ltd. Wish everyone a Happy New Year and all the best!
  • National Day 2015 2019-12-10
    The red flag is high, showing the majestic blue sky of the motherland, the national anthem is played, and the Chinese prosperity is celebrated; the blessing is often accompanied by the happiness of life; the desire is high, and the life is healthy and safe. Wanna God Nuclear Corporation wishes the great motherland prosperity!
  • Fuqing Unit 2 connected to the grid for the first time 2019-12-10
    Warm congratulations to China Nuclear Group Fuqing Nuclear Power Unit 2 successfully connected to the grid for the first time at 1:47 on August 6, 2015!