• Jiaxing "Double Push" Entered Qinshan Nuclear Power Science and Technology Museum 2019-12-16
    On the morning of July 18th, the leaders of the four teams of Jiaxing City, including Lu Jun, Hu Haifeng, and Gao Linghui, led about 120 heads of party and government “country leaders” in the counties (cities and districts), and the chief persons in charge of relevant municipal departments. Observe. Qinshan Nuclear Power Chairman and Party Committee Secretary Wu Gang warmly welcomed the guests.
  • The Third International Nuclear Power Operation and Maintenance Conference Held in Haiyan County 2019-12-16
    From September 21st to 22nd, the 3rd International Nuclear Power Operation and Maintenance Conference and 2nd Nuclear Power Haiyan Summit co-sponsored by Shanghai Nuclear Power Office and Haiyan County People's Government and co-organized by Qinshan Nuclear Power and other units opened in Haiyan County.
  • The Fifth "International Conference on Nuclear and Renewable Energy" Held in Hefei 2019-12-16
    From September 18 to 21, the 5th International Conference on Nuclear and Renewable Energy (hereinafter referred to as NURER), hosted by the Institute of Nuclear Energy Safety Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, was held in Hefei. The NURER conference is the only international academic conference in the world that has new energy development including nuclear energy and renewable energy as its main topic and has a significant impact. This conference was held for the first time in China and attracted more than 200 experts and scholars from more than 20 international organizations, countries and regions including the International Atomic Energy Agency, the United States and the European Union.
  • China's nuclear and radiation safety supervision continues to improve 2019-12-16
    In 2010, the IAEA conducted the third comprehensive assessment of nuclear and radiation safety supervision in China, and put forward 79 suggestions and hopes for China for China to continuously improve and improve its supervision level. After a lapse of 6 years, the IAEA assessment team conducted a follow-up review of China's nuclear and radiation safety supervision and found results.
  • Qinshan Nuclear Power takes multiple measures to "escort" G20 2019-12-16
    The steps of the G20 Hangzhou Summit are getting closer and closer. As one of Hangzhou ’s “Moats”, Qinshan Nuclear Power, which is located in Haiyan, Zhejiang, has implemented all measures to ensure safety and power generation. Hidden dangers, do not let go of any shortcomings, to ensure absolute security during the G20 Hangzhou Summit, this is a major political responsibility shouldered by Qinshan Nuclear Power.
  • Women, half the sky for nuclear energy development 2019-12-16
    "There is an old saying in China that men and women work together in a tiring way. Many industry experiences also confirm that working together with men and women can improve work efficiency. Unfortunately, the proportion of women in the nuclear industry is less than 25. %, There is no small gap from Half the Sky. We hope to share and discuss on such an occasion to better understand the role of women in nuclear energy, increase the attractiveness of the nuclear industry to women, and improve the whole as much as possible in the future. The competitiveness of the industry. "
  • China Environment News: The Flower of Nuclear Power Blooms in Hainan 2019-12-16
    2016 is the 61st anniversary of the founding of China's nuclear industry and the fourth year of the National Science and Technology Popularization Competition for Nuclear Power for Middle School Students in the “Light of Charm”. On July 18, 51 outstanding student campers from all over the country represented their provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, and special administrative regions, and lit up the national map of "Glamour of Light" in Haikou. The five-day Hainan Province officially opened. A round of nuclear power science summer camp activities around the island.