Talent Concept

    The company adheres to the strategic tenet of “strengthening talents with talents”, adopts various methods to introduce and cultivate talents, adopts flexible and effective measures, and strengthens the cultivation of talents by “sending out” or “inviting in”. At the same time, employees are encouraged to participate in various skills training, academic exchanges and various forms of learning, so as to "make the best of their talents"

    The company establishes a career planning system for employees to provide suggestions for their future careers, and guides employees to the quality of life and elegant life. The company has also formulated a related "technical subsidy management system", which provides certain technical subsidies to employees with strong professional skills and high skill levels, which encourages employees to work hard and create a vigorous and brainstorming workforce.

    In order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of each employee, the company encourages each employee to participate in training courses related to the company's business, and establish training records, these records will be used as part of the assessment of employees' ability to work.

    It is the company's policy and practice to promote the most qualified employees from within the company whenever possible, to take over vacancies and to assume greater responsibility.