WANNASHENHE · Core strength

Core strength

      The core competitiveness of the group is a team with professional capabilities in nuclear power inspection and maintenance and commissioning. With superb overhaul technology, scientific management mode, rich experience and reliable quality assurance, this team has successfully completed nearly one hundred refueling overhauls and routine maintenance of six nuclear reactors and six reactors in operation in China. , System commissioning, and technical services, have been widely praised by nuclear power units and society.

      While stabilizing and consolidating the existing market, the company will forge ahead, pioneer and innovate, and continue to make new breakthroughs in technology research and development, market expansion, business layout, manpower reserve, management improvement and other aspects, and comprehensively build nuclear power commissioning, daily inspection and maintenance And comprehensive service capabilities in such aspects as unit shutdown and overhaul, and is committed to becoming a domestic first-class nuclear power technical service contractor.