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     The business scope of Wanna Shenhe Nuclear Holding Group Co., Ltd. mainly involves nuclear power plant engineering and large petrochemicals, power engineering, environmental technology, office robots and other related fields. It is a large enterprise group that mainly provides installation, commissioning, overhaul and maintenance and services for nuclear power plants. . The group company now has 9 subsidiaries, namely Zhejiang Wanna Nuclear Power Maintenance Co., Ltd., Fujian Nuclear Rui Nuclear Electromechanical Maintenance Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Geyi Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., Gabor Technology (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd., and Zhejiang Nuclear Power Nuclear Power Plant. Technology Co., Ltd., Kaifeng City Wannashen Nuclear Maintenance Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Hefeng Nuclear Engineering Service Co., Ltd., Shanghai Qingding Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. (joint venture), Zhejiang Wanna Catering Management Co., Ltd., many of which are national high-tech Enterprise and technology enterprise. The Group currently has more than 4,100 employees, of which more than 80% of the total number of employees are those with college or technical secondary school education and professional qualifications. Each company has administrative departments, engineering management departments, R & D centers (technical departments), quality assurance departments, safety and environment departments, personnel departments, commerce departments, financial departments and other related functional management departments and trade unions and party branches.

    Wanna God Nuclear Group is based on the management concept of “People-oriented, Quality Wanna, Welfare Society”; the business philosophy of “Partners and Brothers, Gongzhu Monument Project”; Excellent technology and rigorous operation. Adhering to the management policy of "enjoying the thousands of monuments to ensure customer satisfaction, scientific and civilized construction to ensure the health of employees, reasonable use of energy resources to protect the environment, standard and standardized services to continuously improve performance", and standardized operation in accordance with the modern enterprise management model. And in accordance with the requirements of "professional construction, group operation, market-oriented operation, modern management", adhere to the "talent-strong enterprise" strategy, shape the brand image in the market, cultivate core competitiveness, and comprehensively enhance comprehensive benefits.

   In the fierce market competition, the group company integrated the nuclear safety culture and continuously innovated to form an operation management mode of "taking planning as the leader, quality as the guarantee, safety as the basis, and procedures as the basis". At present, the company is participating in the construction and equipment installation, commissioning and maintenance of multiple nuclear power plants including Qinshan Nuclear Power, Tianwan Nuclear Power, Sanmen Nuclear Power, Fuqing Nuclear Power, Daya Bay Nuclear Power, Haiyang Nuclear Power, Fangchenggang Nuclear Power, Yangjiang Nuclear Power, Hainan Nuclear Power, Taishan Nuclear Power, etc. Service work.

    Group business scope: industrial investment; nuclear power engineering installation and commissioning technology development; mechanical and electrical equipment installation engineering contracting; environmental technology; office robots; power plant equipment installation, commissioning, maintenance and technical consulting; electrical machinery, mechanical equipment maintenance; professional technical services; anticorrosion Thermal insulation engineering construction contracting; steel structure engineering professional contracting; boiler operation and maintenance; nuclear power project management consulting; nuclear power engineering project planning and consulting; pipeline engineering professional contracting; mechanical processing technology and electrical technology training services (excluding education and vocational skills projects ); Communication engineering, waterproof engineering construction; computer network engineering, security engineering design, installation, maintenance, construction; information file management; energy and environmental technology development; business consulting, financial consulting; corporate management consulting services, conference and exhibition services, property services , Translation services, cultural and artistic exchange planning services, building indoor and outdoor cleaning and cleaning services, office cleaning services; supply chain management; warehousing services, road cargo transportation; clothing, hardware and electrical appliances, daily necessities, machinery and equipment, Industrial products and raw materials (excluding hazardous chemicals and precursor chemicals, chemical reagents) wholesale, retail; dispatch.

Group Company Address: 13F, Block A, Hang Lung Plaza, No. 1 Zhaojun Lane, Haiyan County, Zhejiang Province

Phone: 0573-86166661 86166671 86166681


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