• Presentation-Forklift Race
    Presentation-Forklift Race 2019-12-13
    In order to comprehensively improve the skills and quality of employees, show their employees' style, set up role models, promote advanced technologies, train "double strong" employees, and build a harmonious enterprise. In May 2013, our company organized three comrades Lu Yijun, Wang Baiping and Xu Qinhua to participate in the forklift skills competition of the Fourth Staff Skills Games in Haiyan County.
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  • Wanna Badminton Tournament Briefing
    Wanna Badminton Tournament Briefing 2019-12-13
    In order to better implement the national fitness program, carry out in-depth national fitness activities, activate the company employees' amateur cultural life, enhance the communication and friendship of the company employees, strengthen the internal cohesion of the company, and improve the comprehensive quality of the employees, our company held the first Nearly 100 employees participated in the 3rd badminton competition. During the competition, contestants broadened their horizons, exercised their bodies, and increased mutual understanding and communication. The contestants showed their style and friendship in the competition.
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  • Presentation-Table Tennis
    Presentation-Table Tennis 2019-12-13
    From September 26th to 28th, 2013, in response to the County Federation of Trade Unions and Wuyuan Town Union, our company actively organized a women's table tennis team and participated in the "Xinjiayou Cup" and the 22nd Ping-pong Table Tennis Tournament of Haiyan County.
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  • Year-end condolences to company leaders, party branches, and unions
    Year-end condolences to company leaders, party branches, and unions 2019-12-13
    Every year before the Spring Festival, company leaders, party branches, and trade unions cordially sympathize with the outstanding employees and family difficulties and special employees working at the production site, and thank them for their hard work and dedication! It also makes them feel the spring-like warmth of the extended family in different working environments, adding confidence and determination to work hard and achieve new goals!
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  • Wanna Forum
    Wanna Forum 2019-12-13
    The group company regularly holds the "Wanna Forum" every year. The establishment of the Wanna Forum is designed to let colleagues know, be abundant, rich, and perfect themselves from education, Chinese studies, financial economics, business management, and political forms.
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