Wanner Table Tennis Tournament at the end of 2015


The Wanner Table Tennis Tournament held at the Nuclear Power Nanyuan on November 14, 2015 attracted too many people's attention, and the number of applicants exceeded any previous year, reaching a record of 128, making the organization's personnel screaming. The reason is of course the enthusiastic participation and support of everyone, and the other reason is the constant growth of the Wanna staff in Qinshan Base, which actually explains the change from Haiyan Wanna to Zhejiang Wanna in one aspect, from local maintenance The growth of the company to cross-provincial group enterprises!

The ping-pong competition is one of the two major sports events organized by the Wana company union every year. The badminton competition that had just closed has just cleared the smoke, and the ping-pong competition has rekindled the flames of war. The men and women registered for the competition are eliminated in eight groups each. After the first group of the group was promoted to the quarter-finals, they cross-fought until the champion belonged. There are six tables in the ping-pong hall in the multifunctional hall of Nuclear Power Nanyuan. The men and women players started the intense competition according to the pre-grouping. Everyone is both an athlete and a referee. Although everyone is laughing and joking in their free time, they stand in front of the table and play. They are all serious and reflect the good spirit of "friendship first competition second". Table tennis as a national ball, most people will play, but to play a certain level or peace interest training is inseparable, the professional players in the game scene is very exciting, especially after the quarterfinals of strong hands It is even more eye-catching. Although the champion has been locked for a long time, there are still many suspense in the competition for the ranking. It will not be announced until the end of the game. This is also the most attractive place of the game! As the last important event of the year of the union of Zhejiang Wanna Shenhe Electromechanical Maintenance Company in 2015, it finally came to a perfect end! Looking forward to next year's passion PK! !! !!


Match scene